Mars X-Rover


No job is too tough when you’re working with Walter Sprockets and his light up Mars X-Rover. This baby features a rotating body and swiveling rover arms, with clamps gentle enough to harvest precious stones, but strong enough to move an entire rock wall. With the X-Rover’s bright light-up features, you can even work night ops! With a zero degree turning radius, and tank treads for a solid grip, this is the workhorse of the Mission Mars collection.

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Interactive Features

Meet the Team

  • Walter Sprockets

Key Features

  • Light-Up Rover with Tank Treads
  • Rotating Rover Body w/ Clamping Rover Hand
  • Swiveling Rover Arms and Display Sensors
  • Moving Control Sticks, Rock Wall Accessory and Tool Kit
  • 1 Mars Astronaut Mini Figure
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