What is the guarantee on the Laser Pegs® kits?

We offer an unprecedented 90-day guarantee on parts and power bases of the Laser Pegs®. We strive to learn and improve our manufacturing process. Just email us any issues you have and we will take care of them right away! Our number one goal is to make certain the end users have an unforgettable ultimate toy EXPERIENCE with the Laser Pegs® brand!

I lost my instruction manual!

Instruction Manuals are available for download on our website. In an effort to conserve the environment, we only include the main model’s instructions in the box. You can search for your Laser Pegs kit here to find all of the manuals.

I have a broken Laser Pegs® part.

Laser Pegs® are ultrasonically welded together. They are not glued at all! When you Ultrasonically weld plastic the plastic needs to be perfectly aligned with the adjoining piece and if it is not perfect the ultrasonic weld could be faulty! Just email Info@neverwrongtoys.com and we may ask for pictures of the defective part however we will replace the part for free. We need your address and the stated shape that is defective and our job is to make you happy and get you back to building with the Laser Pegs®!

Should I return the Laser Pegs® to the store?

No. Contact us and we will solve any issues faster than a store would. If you seek a refund we just need a copy of your receipt and we will take care of the issues. If you have a defective part we will replace it for free! We offer a 90-day guarantee on all kits. Make sure you have a receipt!

What if my kit is missing pieces?

We apologize if your kit is missing pieces. Just contact us at Info@neverwrongtoys.com and we’ll replace those missing pieces for you.

Do you ship internationally?

We currently only offer shipping in the Continental United States. We do have certified resellers in other countries though! Send an email to info@neverwrongtoys.com and we’ll help find a retailer near you!

What age is appropriate for Laser Pegs®?

Laser Pegs® kits do have small parts and are not suggested for children under the age of 3. However, Laser Pegs® are fun and safe for everyone ages 3 and up!

Do Laser Pegs® comply with federal safety testing guidelines?

Laser Pegs® regularly tests its products to maintain compliancy and ensure product safety for children.

Will Laser Pegs® shock my kids or me?

Laser Pegs® draw very low current and do not output enough voltage to shock children or adults.

How do I know when to change the batteries?

When only the reds and yellows illuminate that means the batteries are very weak and need to be changed. The red and yellow LED’s are the easiest to illuminate that is why they are the only ones lit up when the batteries are almost completely out of energy.

Why won’t all my Laser Pegs® light up?

The 90-degree shape cannot fit an LED light inside therefore the 90-degree shapes do not light up, but are essential to constructing most models.
If you have other shapes that do not light up, it could be because the peg that it is plugged into has a fault inside, or that individual peg has shorted out. To determine which peg is not feeding the current, test each side of each peg individually. You can call or email us and we will replace defective pegs. Send in defective pieces to be recycled.