Builder Tips

Laser Pegs are built for fun and easy construction! However, our builders sometimes run into construction problems but don’t worry, our team at Laser Pegs has put together a list of builder tips to help you get back to building faster!

Manuals missing

Do you have a multi-model build kit? We house all of our multi-model manuals on our website for your convenience. Search less and build more!

Builder Tip: Find your manuals on our Manuals Page.

Printed manual discrepancies

If you find a discrepancy in a building step within your printed manual that was included in your product’s packaging at purchase, please cross-reference with the online manual(s) on our website. Our online manuals are updated frequently to ensure ease in building and assembling for all of our customers.

Builder Tip: Find the most updated manuals on our Manuals Page.

Bricks are too tight

Are you having a hard time fitting 2 bricks together? Our bricks are designed to last! This is why new bricks may fit a bit tight at first. Bricks loosen over time with repeated use, assembling and disassembling tight bricks a few times can help resolve this issue!

Builder Tip: Isolate the specific pieces that are hard to fit together when you encounter them while building. With a compatible brick, gently fit the two bricks together and move the bricks around to loosen the tighter piece. Do this with all of the tighter bricks until fit between two is comfortable.

Bricks are too loose and fall apart

Are some of the bricks fitting together loosely? Sometimes it seems a piece or two will fit just right and then they fall off because they are too loose. We’ve found that this issue can result when pieces may not be properly placed together or are not compatible.

Builder Tip: When assembling your build and fitting brick pieces together, try to make sure you press down on the pieces until you hear a “click”. This sound will usually indicate that the pieces have settled in together and will stay on. To be certain that they are indeed fitted just right, observe the pieces to ensure there are no gaps of space amongst the two or more brick pieces. If there are gaps, this can mean that they need to pushed together further.

Builder Tip: While all brick pieces can seem compatible together, at times the nubs on the brick may be different than those on another piece. Combining non-compatible bricks can result in a loose brick grip, please refer to your manuals to see which bricks fit together. Find your manual here!

Kits contain missing, defective, or broken pieces

Have you purchased one of our older Laser Pegs kits? Sometimes older kits are resold and may contain defective, broken, or missing pieces, but don’t worry, we are here to help!

Builder Tip: Contact Customer Support for further assistance by emailing or call us at 941-371-0909. For quick assistance, please be ready to identify the kit model, issue encountered, and piece(s) needed. If you are unsure of the item or model, we will do our best to help identify it with you!!

Sound Module Questions

The 4by4 Sound Module, when in on position, will play 10 seconds of sound fx when activated. The lights will then flash for 90 secs before the sound can be triggered again.

Battery Replacement

Is it time to replace your batteries? Our 2018 kits use 2 battery sizes, LR44 & LR41. Follow the links below to purchase new batteries.

LR44 Batteries

Shop LR44 Batteries

LR41 Batteries

Shop LR41 Batteries

For International purchasers, these batteries go under different names.
LR44 = AG13

LR41 = AG3

Click here to see the battery count needed for each 2018 product.