Mars Rocket


Blast off your adventure with this interactive light up Mars Rocket building set featuring cool sound effects that are activated by motion! Just tap the rocket to start the countdown sequence, fire up the engines and lift off! Modeled after the next generation of space exploration from NASA, Space X and Blue Origins, the Mars Rocket features detachable boosters and command capsule.

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Interactive Features

Meet the Team

  • Admiral Tom

  • Colonel Charlie

Winner of the Dr. Toys Best Picks and Dr. Toys 10 Best Toys Award for 2018!

Listen to the Mars Rocket Story

Key Features

  • Motion Activated Sound Module with Rocket Launch Sound FX
  • 1 Light-Up Astronaut Figure and Additional Astronaut Figure
  • Detachable Boosters and Capsule
Weight 3.58 lbs
Dimensions 20 x 2.5 x 14 in
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